Parliament House_37_January 04_2010

Parliament House_37_January 04_2010 (Photo credit: Michael Dawes)

This is the new website of the National Brain Injury Foundation.

We’ve been around for quite a while. The Foundation was formed when concerned people got together to care for, assist and advance the cause of individuals who possess a head injury.

To do that the Foundation owns three facilities, all in the suburb of Hughes in Canberra (close to Canberra Hospital). The Dorothy Sales Cottages (operated by Catholic Care) is home for up to ten people who’ve got very severe acquired brain injuries. Tanderra is a boarding house for another five people, all capable of caring for themselves. There’s also a hydrotherapy pool next to the Cottages.

Additionally, the Sunflower Shop is located on the ground floor of the Griffin Centre in Civic.

At the end of 2012 the Board re-structured the activities of the Foundation. Unfortunately, we just didn’t have enough money to pay for a worker and that means we no longer have any permanent staff. As a result the Foundation’s operated by volunteers and there’s still quite a bit of development work going on as we try to get things working again.

But don’t hesitate to get in touch or contact us if you’d like to.

Nicholas Stuart became Chair of the NBIF in 2012. He steered the organisation until it  amalgamated with Hartley Lifecare in 2016.

All the best,


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